Rickles & Newhart A Love Story

Most people alive today cannot remember a time in America before Bob Newhart and Don Rickles. They dominated the entire second half of the 20th century and stayed in high demand well into the 21st. Bob Newhart lost his closest and dearest friend of 60 years. America lost the man who peeled back the layers of the human condition, held a mirror to it, then taught us to laugh at ourselves.  In this feature film documentary we plan to expose the vast differences of these comic legends and learn how they found common ground through love, respect and best of all laughter.

Our world and comedy has changed over the decades and sadly, not necessarily for the better. Unfortunately so much of today's comedy has become an airing of grievances. Often stand up's today reach for the low hanging fruit. Sure, the want you to laugh, but more importantly, they want you to take sides. It doesn't bring us together, it tears us apart. The laughs are cheap and often come at the expense of someone whose only crime is having an opinion different from their own.

Rickles & Newhart A Love Story is a tribute to these true kings of comedy, a celebration of a time in which an entire nation was united through laughter. And most importantly, this documentary is the story of one of the most enduring friendships in the history of show business.

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